WP 3

In the third work package, the aim is to develop operating models for internal use in the institutions of higher education as well as models for cooperation between the institutions. These models will be enhance coordination of education and research in higher education pedagogy and pedagogical forms of activity in administration.

The goal is to achieve a permanent shared model for the research and development work that can be carried out with the core funding in the higher education institutions. At the same time, a new pedagogical operational and development culture will be created between universities and universities of applied sciences. This might result in an internationally notable laboratory of digital pedagogical development and a resource center that works in a digital environment.

WP 3 consists of the following sections:

WP 3a. Higher Education Learning Laboratory: Development and research seminars for the participants in the HELLA project.

The laboratory is the center of the project, where the study modules are being developed and studied. The HELLA project becomes a common, interdisciplinary researchers’, research and development community for the higher education institutions. The research activities focus on pedagogical theory and practices at Åbo Akademi University, management research at University of Vaasa and the pedagogical units at the universities of applied sciences (VAMK, Novia, Arcada). Seminars take place every other week.

Seminars in spring 2018

8.1. Discussion: HELF – Higher Education Learning Framework, Science of Learning Research Centre, Queensland Brain Institute & School of Education, Brisbane.

22.1. Aktionsforskning som stöd för pedagogiskt utvecklingsarbete
Anette Seiser Forssten, Universitetet i Karlstad, Sverige

1.2. HELLA – samarbete över Kvarken
HELLA-seminar on board and presentation, discussion and cooperation with Umeå university

19.2. Introductory dialogue
Mats Lundberg, Chef för digital utveckling vid Åbo Akademi

21.2. Curriculum reform of elementary and secondary education in Japan – implications for university based teacher education (Together with project SKUTT)
Prof. Dr. Wakio Oyanagi, School of Professional Development in Education Nara University of Education, Japan

19.3. White teachers, White curriculum, Diverse students: A study of teachers developing cultural competence
Emmanuel Acquah, Åbo Akademi University

26.3. Kvalitet i högskoleundervisning
Katarina Winka, Umeå Univerisity, Sweden

9.4. Educational counselling and supervision
Renata Svedlin (Åbo Akademi) and working team

12.4. Roadmapping the Future of Learning
EdTalk, panels and workshops. Arcada, Helsinki

16.4. Action research
Petri Salo, Åbo Akademi University

20.4 Visit at Technobothnia
Mika Billing

23.4 Game supported teaching in higher education
Tanja Sihvonen, University of Vaasa & Panu Kalmi, University of Vaasa

4.5. Ledarskap och lärande strategier inom högre utbildning
Dr. Anna Herbert, Linnæus University

7.5. Seminar Kalle’s Inn

Seminars in autumn 2017
15-17.8 Peda-forum conference in Vaasa (http://www.uva.fi/en/sites/pedaforum2017/)
National conference on higher education pedagogy

21.9. The pedagogical relation
Prof. Norm Friesen, Department Educational Technology, College of Education, Boise State University USA.

12.10. Curriculum theory and Educational Leadership
prof. Ninni Wahsltrom, Linneus university, Sweden
prof. Daniel Sundberg, Linneus university, Sweden

12.10 Educational Leadership, Didaktik and Curriculum Theory
International web based seminar: Michael Uljens, Åbo Akademi, Rose Ylimaki, University of South Carolina, Jim Henderson, University of Kentucky, Leif Moos, Berlin/Copenhagen, Michelle Young, UCEA based on new volume “Bridging Educational Leadership, Curriculum Theory and Didaktik”.

6.11. Enhancing ways of being university teachers
Gloria Dall’Alba, University of Brisbane, Australien

13.11. Hur teoretisera högskolepedagogik? Den icke-affirmativa pedagogikens möjligheter
Michael Uljens
Uljens & Ylimaki (2017): s 78-102 http://www.springer.com/la/book/9783319586489

4.12. Läromiljöer, inre och yttre rum. WP 2 pedagogiskt utvecklingsarbete, presentation av teknik för undervisningsutrymmen.
PeM John Henriksson, CLL, ÅA och Novia och Systemchef Jens Granlund  ICT-service, ÅA.


WP 3b. Supporting EduLab steering group

The EduLab steering group is an existing group connected to Tritonia Academic Library that gathers teachers and technological staff from higher education institutions. During 2017-2019, the services of EduLab will be developed in many ways. Technological questions in teaching will be under a closer study. From autumn 2017, the new principles of FUNET will be in a central position.


WP 3c. Workshops for the management of higher education institutions

The different levels of management in higher education institutions and their involvement in the project is central in HELLA project. During the project, in May 2018 and September 2019, two management workshops will be arranged to present development and research work in the project and discuss how it can be used as a support for the digital pedagogical decision-making.